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Have you noticed any fractures in the frames of your windows or doors? If this is the case, it may be an indication that one of your lintels has failed and requires lintel repair or replacement. Lintels are structural support pieces that carry the load from above openings like doors and windows. Lintels can be composed of lumber, bricks, steel, stone, or most commonly concrete with steel rods, depending on the age of the property.

Lintel repairs are a major structural issue that might have an impact on your house. Lintels are used to support the weight above apertures in walls, doors, and windows. If your property has fractures above or below these openings, doors, or windows, this could indicate a weakened lintel that needs to be fixed. Lintel reinforcement repairs avoid the potential collapse of the external outer masonry, provide resistance against additional cracking, and improve the structure of the masonry while causing minimal disruption and providing a long-term solution.

Is repairing the lintels really necessary?

When evidence of masonry cracks occur, it is critical that the fissures be repaired and the cause of the problem be addressed. If the fissures are not corrected, they might cause additional structural issues and, in extreme situations, make the property hazardous. Unfortunately, neglecting the potential lintel failure will exacerbate the situation over time. The basic rule of thumb is that the sooner you address the structural issue, the less it will cost you in terms of money, time, and annoyance to repair it.

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  • Precast concrete
  • Structural shapes
  • Visibly sagging lintel
  • Physical damage due to an outside force
Dynamic GC Corp Lintel Repair Services

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