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Compliance with LL11 is critical for property owners in NYC since it ensures that your building does not represent a risk to the public. There are also severe fines for missing deadlines, thus LL11 inspections should not be overlooked. It should be noted that issues unrelated to public safety may be discovered during a building inspection, such as air leaks around air conditioning equipment and insulation flaws. In other words, you receive the added benefit of improving your building. To comply with Local Law 11, NYC buildings taller than six floors must have their walls inspected every five years. A Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI): a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer with at least one year of related expertise must conduct the inspection.

Appurtenances must also be inspected, including lighting fixtures, signs, guardrails, windows, air conditioners, and other things attached to the wall that could fall if not properly supported. More than 12,000 buildings in New York City are subject to LL11 inspection regulations.

Is your building in accordance with all New York City Local Laws 11?

LL10 was moderately successful, but many accidents in the late 1990s forced the New York City Department of Buildings to reconsider the law's standards. As a result, Local Law 11, commonly known as the Facade Inspection and Safety Program, was enacted (FIPS). The environmental conditions in NYC are particularly demanding for building walls, making some elements prone to rapid disintegration.

  • Summer and winter temperatures differ significantly.
  • Vehicles and building heating systems contribute to air pollution.
  • Given the proximity to the sea, salt and its corrosive impact.

If your building still has window-type air conditioners and you want to improve, the best advice is to start the project before the next LL11 inspection. Any dangerous situations related with AC units will necessitate the repair of pieces that you were planning to replace anyway. The same principle applies if you intend to replace outdoor wall fixtures. Local rules govern NYC buildings in issues such as emissions and fire safety. Dynamic Gc Corp can assist you with remaining compliant: Call 1 (718) 786-1776.

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