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August 10th, 2022
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Sidewalks are an important part of the infrastructure in any community. They are typically used by the general public. It connects neighborhoods providing safe passages for the citizens to get around the community. It is the responsibility of house owners in any community to make the sidewalks safe being a part of the community. To avoid any injury and accidental situations on the sidewalks, that may be personal injury due to damaged sidewalks, sidewalk repair is mandatory. It then involves sidewalk repair or replacement which is the responsibility of property owners to make sure the sidewalks are safe and sound. Unsuitable sidewalks can be a result of irregular maintenance operations to restore smoothness after weather phenomena, shock damage, and installation of any equipment like fences or furniture. Hence, commercial or residential property owners have to maintain and keep the sidewalks and walkways safe and updated.  A property owner may choose to repair or construct the sidewalk independently, using a qualified contractor.

If you are a resident of NYC, construction, repair, and renovation of your property’s sidewalk is your responsibility. In short, a property owner has to bear all the expenses and costs of sidewalk maintenance. Otherwise, a Sidewalk Violation notice gets issued to that person. Usually, there is no penalty associated with it. However, if your sidewalk repair is not done within 75 days from the issuance of the notice, DOT will hire a contractor to do the restoration work. Consequently, the Department of Finance will bill the property owner the total cost of repairing that person is liable to pay.

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What flaws cause Sidewalk violations?

1. Damage caused by tree roots

If the harm inflicted on your sidewalk is because of tree roots,  the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) stays dependable to fix it at no expense for you under their Tree and Sidewalks program.

2. General Repairing work

If your property's sidewalk has irregularities, settling of the chunks, breaks on the surface, or entirely damaged sidewalk portions, it stays encouraged to play out the repairing work right away. If not, a Sidewalk Violation notice is its outcome.

3. Defective Curbs

If your sidewalk has defective curbs, usually a property owner is encouraged to repair or replace them. On the other hand, DOT may also provide appropriate services for it with no liability/cost to you.

4. Cracking

Another common issue is cracking. Sidewalk cracks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just eyesores. Others are safety hazards. Many cracks can be fixed without the need to replace the sidewalk, either through sealing or leveling.

5. Problems that are caused by others

If your sidewalk gets damaged by the public or any other contractor, legally, you can contact the person and have it compensated for the damage. For other companies, claims should be filed within their respective departments.

The minute you get issued a Sidewalk Violation notice, contact a contractor for its removal through repairing work. Legally, only certified contractors are allowed to do the repairing work for sidewalks. Dynamic Gc Corp has the ideal expertise for it remains your one-stop solution

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